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The Little Ships Route
Around The World

All adventures change as they unfold, and we hope countries and schools from other places will invite us to visit. This may happen as we transit between the places Howard and his Little Ship has scheduled to explore.

Here is the planned route of the Little Ship. This list will most certainly expand in scope as we are going overland for much of it transiting many countries. Along the way we will seek schools and will be broadcasting live from all we can.


Leg 2- Port Townsend, USA
September/October 2017

Leg 3- Mississippi River, Great Lakes, Hudson River, USA
April-/June 2018

Leg 4- England
August/September 2018

Leg 5- France
September 2018

Leg 6- Denmark and Sweden
eptember/October 2018

Leg 7- Majorca, Belearic Islands, Spain
December 2018

Leg 8- Greek Islands
February 2019

Leg 9- The Nile Egypt
March 2019

Leg 10- Upper Ganges, India
April 2019

Leg 11- Lake Nam Tso, Tibet
June 2019

Leg 12- China
August 2019

Leg 13- Inland Sea, Japan
September 2019

Leg 14- Palau and Micronesia
November/December 2019

Leg 16- New Zealand
February/March 2020

Leg 17- The United States
May 2020