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We Can't Do This Without You! 

Thank you visiting our site. We are giving this meaningful project our best effort knowing full well we can't do it without financial support and the help of volunteers. What drives us is our experiences to date of interacting with classrooms of eager excited kids and the glowing reports of student engagement from teachers. This works!

Projects like this are expensive and so we are appealing to you, to businesses and corporations, foundations, and institutions to consider support the Voysc to help ensure we can bring this unique education program to fruition.

We ackowledge this is one very big idea but we also know it is often the big ideas that hold the power to ignite imaginations!

We are an excited and energized team of voyage organizers, dedicating ourselves to the Voysc because of the amazing potential we see. We invite you to join us as a financial supporter at any level you or your organization can manage. All financial support donations will be utilized solely in support of our K-12 Education Program

A Brand Alignment Opportunity

The Voyage of Southern Cross is looking to align with as many supporters as possible but perhaps none more so than alignment with one or more supporting brand or institution.

We believe this is an excellent opportunity to display goodwill, care and community involvement by directly and tangibly benefitting students from all walks of life through alignment with a project based on "doing good in the world."

Let's talk. If you would like to discuss becoming a corporate or institutional supporter, perhaps our partner or head line sponsor let us know. We look forward to discussing a match with you.

Feel free to contact, Howard Rice, Gary Gnade or John Welsford at:

Voyaging and Sharing the Experience

Costs we are incurring over three years are considerable yet we are in a very interesting position. The voyage is ongoing, live and happening right now. We are implementing a concept and plan and are in the midst of leg two. This means that one of the main investments needed to get the project off the ground has been paid for. 

Howard Rice conceived of the voyage, developed the concept for doing it and then did it. In the process he did not seek sponsorship instead he invested his own resources in building, equipping and shipping Southern Cross to and from Chile. 

Howard has made his boat and equipment available to the voyage and this includes cameras and support equipment ready for live stream broadcasts. We are well on our way in implementation of the broad vision of a global voyage of shared discovery but we need help to keep going.

We as the voyage team have each made a financial donation to the project to keep it moving forward after Chile. Your friendship, financial support, and willingness to spread the word will enable us to keep going forward country by country. Teaching, linking, and touching young hearts and minds.

Here are some of the costs we are incurring as the voyage unfolds over the next three years:

- Shipping, customs and land transportation fees.
- Live stream broadcast fees.
- Insurance.
- Maintenence and replacement costs.
- Equipment purchases.
- Telecommunications.
- Support costs for crew and film crew.

It's simple, we wish to make this "Little Ship" adventure and learning opportunity free to schools, teachers and students around the world regardless of their resources or abilities.

Acheiving this objective of "Free" means we can reach far more students. Linking classrooms across the globe with cross cultural student interaction even in the remotest places is our vision, and we cannot achieve this without you or perhaps someone you know.

Benefits for Friends and Supporters

Our blog "The Voyage of Southern Cross" is available for anyone to visit. It is the place to keep track of how the voyage is unfolding as the Little Ship explores exotic lands and faces many challenges.

Join us aboard Southern Cross

If you have an interest in joining us as a volunteer crew member in one of our international venues let us know. Pick your venue, number of days you would like to pitch in and lets talk.

There are many ways you can support the project! 

Corporate or Voysc Partner

We are searching for a university, corporation, foundation or institutional partnership. If you or your organization would like to talk about sponsoring the project let us know.

Our application for 501C3 Non Profit status is in process.


Join these sponsors to help us keep the little boat and her best friend sailing and sharing!


Your company or organization could become a corporate sponsor.

Reach out to us with this link and we can talk about the possibilities.

Our Supporters


These friends have given us $1,000.00 or more in either a monetary donation or "In Kind" contributions such as ad space, equipment, etc

Thank you!

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Howard Rice
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