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The little ship


The Little Ship Named Southern Cross

The boat being sailed is named Southern Cross and in a sense she is a throw back to an era gone by. This was an era of stout ships and the men who sailed them. Her lineage and look harkens back to Magellan, Joshua Slocum, Sir Ernest Shackleton and a host of other explorers. Southern Cross is tiny by any measure coming in at a strapping 11’11†in length but she is large in heart. Southern Cross was custom built by the sailor who is voyaging aboard her. 

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Length Overall- 15' 11"

Length On Deck- 11' 11"

Beam- 5' 4"

Rig and Sail Area- Gaff rigged yawl, 100 square feet of sail

Hull and Spars- Wood and epoxy

Engine- None

Propulsion- Sail, oars and paddle

Power- Solar

Cameras- There are five GoPro cameras mounted on board and two hand held all in waterproof housings. In addition two professional handicap type cameras, a laptop, wifi capability and editing equipment are on board.

Designer- John Welsford and Howard Rice

Builder- Howard Rice