Container Outfit for VoySC.


Container Outfit for VoySC.

John Welsford.

Southern Cross was shipped to and from Chile (leg one) in a wooden crate specifically built to last for the two way shipment. The wood crate is not sufficient for the longer series of voyages. So we are purchasing a used 20 foot certified steel shipping container. This will be purchased in Seattle Washington and during the months of August and September 2017 modified and stylized as the official VoySC shipping container and in country headquarters.

The objective in setting up and outfitting the container is to provide a safe shipping/storage/repair facility and in country operations center. 

In order to effectively conduct the voyage in each country we will need to be self contained and able to conduct any repairs needed to the boat and other related equipment. The container will also contain storage and work spaces for cameras, broadcast equipment and other equipment needed to support the boat and in country team live stream broadcast team. The VoySC container will also double as temporary or emergency accommodation and of course secure storage and dry safe shipping. We will have the ability through solar panels to generate energy and recharge batteries.

The VoySC Shipping Container
The container will serve as shipping crate for boat and all support equipment. It will then serve as in country headquarters, communications center, safe storage, temporary accommodations and work shop.


1. 20 foot steel container- Purchase price, delivery, painting, vents-       $3,500                            

2. Modifications- walls, insulation, wiring, shelving, storage lockers-     $3,000

3. 10 foot inflatable boat with engine-                                                         $6,500

4. Galvanized boat trailer-                                                                            $1,500

5. Solar panels and charging system-                                                           $1,600

6. Air conditioner/heater-                                                                              $600

7. Galley-  Small stove w/oven, sink, refrigerator, utensils-                       $1,200           

8. Living Quarters- Three folding bunks, compost toilet, sink/shower-   $1,300    

9. Repair Shop-                                                                                               $500

10. Ryobi tool set-                                                                                           $2,600                                                                                         


Repair and Maintenance

Resources are needed to rapidly repair major damage to the vessel in a part of the world that may not have the equipment, materials or tools to enable that repair.

Steel shipping containers are known for condensation when used for accommodation or long term storage.  To avoid this the container should be completely lined with 12mm plywood, sides, ceiling and ends.  This also allows furniture such as workbenches and lockers to be fastened directly to the lining.

Ventilation, allowance will be made for ventilation, most containers have small vent holesand these should not be blocked off.

When lining the container, two lift points will be fitted to the container roofinside, on the centerline.  The first one meter from the door, the second two meters toward the far end from that, these to allow the boat to be lifted in slings and rolled up on her side for repair.

Tracks to retain the trailer wheels will be fitted to the container floor. There will be securing points within the container to allow strapping to prevent movement when shipping.

This list does not include fastenings for the plywood fit out, repair materials or spares for the boat, protective clothing other than workshop safety items, or personal items other than beverages, or food.