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A little ship explores the world live streaming to schools and friends



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Welcome Aboard

Welcome To Our Web Site. We're glad your'e here!

Teachers, we hope you'll add your school or classroom to our growing list, which now ranges across America from Washington to Maine and overseas as far away as Chile.

Friends we hope you find the voyage interesting and valuable enough to join us or bookmark our site for frequent visits to our public blog.

Our Mission

To educate, inform and inspire through sharing a global small boat voyage. 

Our Goals

  • To share the adventure and challenge of voyaging the world aboard a tiny boat.

  • To bring the voyage into classrooms in many countries helping teachers deliver STEM and STEAM content.

  • To improve student awareness of successful environmental protection initiatives from around the world.

  • To foster a sense of global connectedness and respect for others.

  • To link together schools, teachers and students from around the world.

  • To share small boat sailing and voyaging knowledge and skills with others.

  • To inspire and spark the human spirit in all of us.


Take a look at our free program as a way to supercharge your classroom and increase student engagement. Your students can live this "teaching moment" rich global adventure through 10 minute interval map share tracking, live stream interactive classroom presentations, archived audio podcasts, achived video broadcasts and more. 


With leg one (The Strait of Magellan and south) behind her, Southern Cross sails on.

This is the place for you to follow the ongoing voyage. We offer live stream broadcasts, map share live tracking, archived podcasts, the ships blog and most importantly inspiration to get up, get out and live your dreams! 


Leg 1- Strait of Magellan, Chile

Leg 1- Strait of Magellan, Chile

Southern Cross

A Sailing Classroom

Southern Cross is the namesake of the constellation Crux (Southern Cross), which has historically been used for navigation in the Southern Hemisphere, much like the North Star in the northern hemisphere. We think of her as the "Little Ship" because so many of her friends and followers, particularly kids, refer to her that way. She seems to captivate folks igniting thier imaginations, perhaps because she embodies the notion of breaking free, seeking the horizon or making a dream come true. Perhaps for others the ship relates to a long passed era of sail and exploration. Simply put the Little Ship ignites imaginations. So we have adopted the label and like it. Her features embody an era gone by in function, resultant good form and capability to do amazing things. 

The little ship was christened Southern Cross before her 2017 maiden voyage, a challenging and exciting exploration down the Strait of Magellan and into the Beagle Channel in Tierra del Fuego, Chile.

Southern Cross is hull #2 of the popular SCAMP class designed by John Welsford. While she may only be 11' 11" in length Southern Cross was built as a strong, seaworthy and capable micro yacht. Her mission to voyage the Strait of magellan and south now behind her a new mission has arisen. Use the little ship as a sailing classroom and do as much good in the world as possible through inspired educational outreach.

One grand adventure,
 two ways to participate



K-12 Education Program

The VoySC Education Program can help you as a teacher address a critical challenge: How to make classroom learning more exciting, real, relevant, and engaging.

We invite you to explore our site and consider opportunities for engaging your classroom in a true adventure. The voyage offers incredible teaching moments, inspiration, global awareness and environmental ethics. We offer three years of teaching moments that can enhance required curriculum.

There is no cost or obligation involved in bringing this exciting program to your students.

Our program offers inspiration, adventure and thousands of "teachable moments" via live stream interactive broadcasts from the "Little Ship Southern Cross as she travels and explores at least 14 countries around the world. Interactive, live stream broadcasts will be available for sharing with the world's classrooms. 

This unique voyage and teaching experience began in January 2016, with a sailing experience in Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of Chile. This was a three school beta test of sorts. Based on this first leg of the global voyage, the VoySC education program has a proven record of student engagement through an exciting live and archived (podcast) classroom presence. Both students and teachers loved the adventure with teachers noting improved student learning outcomes.

Environmental Awareness and Ethics

Throughout all we present will be a consistent message of personal awareness, responsibility, environmental  protection while presenting positive sustainable living models from around the world. 

Here is an opportunity for you as a teacher to bring the world into your classroom, or home school. Your students can become crew members for this exciting, unique experiential learning program.

Our K-12 Education Program offers the following benefits:

  • The voyage blog

  • Scheduled interactive live stream classroom educational opportunities

  • Map Share live tracking of the voyage

  • Ability to be selected as a live broadcast classroom

  • Archived programs (audio and video podcasts)

  • Suggested teaching aids

  • Archived resource materials

  • Access to the Voysc Forum

  • Discount on Voysc logo items in our online store


Climb Aboard!

A warm welcome to all of our friends, supporters, fellow sailors and adventurous hearts of all types!  

Several thousand friends, sailors and well wishers followed the Little Ship in 2017 as it voyaged south down the Strait of Magellan from Patagonia into Tierra del Fuego on a voyage we now refer to as "Leg One."

LEG ONE- Complete

The Leg One voyage was a rich and interesting experience complete with incredible beauty, wild weather and many challenges. One of the truly unique aspects of the voyage was the interaction both Howard and the boats designer John Welsford had with three classrooms of students back in the US via live stream broadcasts before Howard set sail.

Once sailing Howard continued communicating directly into classrooms via scheduled satellite telephone calls. This was very successful with teachers observing and reporting positive impacts on students.

Howard witnessed first hand the positive impact of sharing his voyage of students and friends following the exciting adventures of a small boat

We now have the live stream technology to interactive live with multiple classrooms and to broadcast to all of our friends and supporters worldwide as the expanded voyage unfolds!

So with a clear mission to inspire and educate the "Little Ship Southern Cross" is attempting to sail on. Howard, John and guests, local experts and teachers will share exotic cultures, waters and lands under sail and oar. As they explore they will live stream share some of the most exotic waters, lands and cultures imaginable. 

Howard, John and others will share the adventure of traveling with a small boat. In each destination Howard and others will explore and voyage sharing what he expereinces though live streaming of his travels and exploration on land. There will be challenges, beautiful sails, dangers, exotic cultures, public markets, interesting foods and historic sites to share. Through live tracking, podcasts (archived) and video updates you can live an exciting and quite unique small boat voyage from wherever you are. All you need is a cell phone, tablet or computer.

We invite you to join us or to visit our blog often to follow what should be one heck of an adventure!

We welcome you to our free blog and hope you might follow us as we voyage!


Adventure, inspiration, environmenttal ethics.  
A Little Ship helping foster engaged learning.


Help us make the world
a better place, one classroom at a time!

This web site is the portal and lens through which the ongoing Voyage of Southern Cross will broadcast experiences (teaching moments), live tracking, and updates to school children world wide. We also offer updates, live tracking and archived materials to friends and adventurers of all types. 

To do this we need to raise funds. Howard financed Leg One- The Strait of Magellan without sponsorship. He has donated use of his substantial investment in boat and equipment in order to continue this teaching voyage but we need help to bring the full voyage to fruiotion.

So Thank you for taking the time to consider helping out!



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